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 Fruktopia Baboon Cafe
Address: 2 Taras Chevchenko Blvrd.
Phone: 38-044-2358347

The Fruktopia is a cafe, a restaurant and a nightclub at the same time. There at least five of your senses - smell, sight, taste, sound and touch - will be pleased. To start with, you would smell the tempting aroma of coffee and the fresh squeezed juices. Then you would look around, and the sight of invigorating stylish interior and friendly faces will delight you. Sit down on a comfortable chair and feel like sitting in your favorite armchair. The time has come to taste the delights offered by the extravagant Fruktopia cuisine that geographically stretches from California to Mediterranean Sea. Salads and soups, cold and hot appetizers, main dishes and desserts are all creatively cooked and served here. Don't forget to taste fresh squeezed juices. Alongside with such everlasting hits as orange and apple juices, there are also carrot, pineapple, kiwi juices and many more - 20 items in all. The last but not the least is the sound. Background music at the Fruktopia is really background and adds to the overall dining experience. At night the music format is changed and till the early morning hours the Fruktopia becomes a stylish hangout.
The original design of the most fashionable cafe of Kiev matches well the status of the establishment. Bursting with bright fruit colors, the interior is split into two levels with a variety of little side-rooms and balconies, which paradoxically enough gives the impression of spaciousness. The walls, not hidden by the ceiling-to-floor bookshelves with an impressive collection of books of various genres, are decorated with multicolored scraps that together with bright wooden furniture provide a warm and stylish setting. The photo exhibitions rotate monthly for the regular customers wouldn't get bored.
If a cup of coffee is the only thing on earth you can't do without, drop in the Fruktopia that can be compared to the first-class coffee shop of Europe. At the Fruktopia you can not only choose the sort you like from the fabulous selection of over 30 types of gourmet coffees imported directly from New York City but also take some home.
Another successful projects of Baboon Club are the Kvartira (Flat) Baboon Cafe, famous for the fashionable parties and live concerts regularly held there, and the Book Coffee Shop, where one is offered not only to have a tasty snack or drink a cup of strong coffee but also to choose a book or two from the great book collection numbering about 1,000 items and stretching from classics to best sellers.

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