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 Tsarskoye Selo Restaurant
Address: 42/1 Sichnego Povsstaniya St.
Phones: 38-044-5739775, 38-044-2903066

The Tsarskoye Selo Restaurant, situated in the very center of the historical part of Kiev, next to Pecherskaya Lavra, has a very interesting history. During the time of Kievan Rus on this place there was a rather small village Berestovo where the palace of Kiev Prince and the monasteries Pechersky and Nikolsky were situated. At the end of the 17th century the construction of the Pecherskaya Fortress was started. Till nowadays some fragments of the fortress, for example, the Moskovskaya and Vassilkovskaya arches, have preserved.
In 1998 in the building of the former powder-magazine of the Pecherskaya Fortress a restaurant was opened. It has gone down in the new history of Kiev as a first restaurant of the Ukrainian capital specializing in Ukrainian cuisine.
The cooks of the Tsarskoye Selo cherish the traditions of Ukrainian cuisine. Dishes are cooked according to the ancient receipts, so the guests of the restaurant have a unique opportunity to travel back in time and taste the dishes popular a century or two ago. It also should be mentioned, that all the dishes have their original names.
The guests of the Tsarskoye Selo are offered a great assortment of Ukrainian traditional drinks, but there is also a good selection of European wines and strong drinks from homebrew to elite sorts.
Corresponding with the menu the interior of the main dining hall recreates a typical Ukrainian village of the 18th century. The original utensils of that time, massive furniture, embroidered tablecloths and towels make you believe that you in some way have found yourself in a Ukrainian farmstead of the 18th century. The live folklore music, musical dramatized holidays and ceremonies are to entertain the guests of the Tsarskoye Selo.
The smaller Hunter's Room, seating up to 50 guests, is a right choice for those who prefer the seclusion and the comfort of an elegant chamber hall. There the guests are offered a grill-menu.
For a small company the restaurant offers the negotiations room meant for 10 persons.
The waiters and waitresses, all friendly and welcoming, wear national costumes. They speak foreign languages and will help each guest to familiarize with Ukrainian culture and national traditions.
The Tsarskoye Selo is one of the best restaurants of Kiev and is popular with guests of the capital and citizens alike.

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