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 Miami Blues Restaurant
Address: 114 Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya St.
Phone: 38-044-2528721

The Miami Blues was opened in the late 1990s. At first, it was a bright snack-bar that soon after was transformed into a stylish cozy restaurant, attracting the passers-by with a colorful sign "Miami Blues" and a lovely open terrace, buried in verdure and flowers.
Entering the restaurant, the guests find themselves in a place of jazz and blues. The name of the place does not presuppose any connection with Miami in style or interior. In fact its story is the following. Once Valeriy Tverskoy, one of the restaurant's creators, won a victory over the huge sailfish. The fierce battle took place on Florida's coast, not far from Miami. Nowadays each visitor of the Miami Restaurant can see with his own eyes the huge model of the fish, which once ploughed the Atlantic Ocean, and photo of the successful fisherman. The photo and the model have become the highlight of the restaurants' interior.
A lot of people visit the Miami Blues and many of them have become regular customers of the restaurant and have lunches, breakfasts and dinners at the Miami Blues daily. That's not only because of the atmosphere and excellent cuisine, but also because of reasonable prices. The first two factors are also very important, but there is a few who can afford to dine at the expensive restaurant seven days a week.
Average price for lunch in the Miami Blues is about $10-20, that is quite attractive taking into the consideration that the Miami Blues is a first-class restaurant, not a fast-food type cafe. It turns out that here you do pay only for lunch, not for a place.
The restaurant offers an extensive menu, where dishes of different cuisines from all over the world have been gathered, for each guest of the Miami Blues could choose something to his taste. The adherents of Ukrainian cuisine can indulge themselves with borshch, vareniki with different fillings (potatoes, cabbage, liner, curd, cherry, apples) and various blini (pancakes). All portions are big enough even to satisfy the hungriest one.
Another advantage of this establishment is that here you can order just half a helping of any dish and be sure that in the bill you'll find half of its price. If the dish can't be halved, like three pancakes for example, you can order one or two pancakes.
Every evening the Miami Blues becomes a venue for the live concerts of modern blues, jazz and acid-jazz. The majority of guests coming to the Miami Blues at night wish not only to have a delicious dinner, but also to get certain music impression and to see the most interesting of the modern culture. The theme parties held at the Miami Blues are reckoned among the best in the Ukrainian capital.
The Miami Blues is situated just minutes away from the city center. If you decide to get there by car, just say "Miami Blues" and any taxi will get you to the right location.

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