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 Nobel Restaurant
Address: 65 Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya St.
Phone: 38-044-2386971

In 1867 Alfred Bernhard Nobel invented dynamite, that became a turning point in the world history, and in 2002 the Nobel Restaurant was opened in the capital of Ukraine and blew up the nightlife of Kiev. The trendy restaurant boasts a delicious fusion of style and taste.
The modern minimalist interior of the restaurant is one of the most uncommon ones in the entire Ukrainian capital. The highlights of the interior, which is an intricate combination of flat and volumes, are the whole wall made from onyx and the partition with sliding water. At the far side of the dining hall the sayings of Nobel are written with white on the red wall.
In the summer time the guests are invited to the open summer terrace, where they would be offered special summer menu, comprised mainly of low-fat dishes and all kinds of salads.
The Nobel serves classic and innovative dishes. The restaurant's creative menu is something to read, not just look through. The sections of the menu, where the detailed description of each dish is given, are called in the following way: "Pleasure-Mix" (cold starters), "Tastes-Mix" (salads), Good Memories (hot starters), Plenty (good pancakes collection), Experience-Mix (main course), Water Line (fish dishes), Best of Best (desserts), etc. And the dishes are described with such care and love, that it seems just impossible to stand temptation and not to taste them. For example, the salad "Good Promises" is presented as "the combination of sturgeon, red caviar, quail eggs, carrot, potatoes and apples in mixture of Tartar and shrimp sauces will certainly make you feel happy at least for a while", "Male Choice" is "good big beef steak", "Miracle of the Sea" is "a soup of squids, shrimps, sea comb, and what is unusual - pumpkin, lemon and herbs", "Gentle Touch" is "almost weightless cauliflower topped with special anchovy sauce and all this enjoys favorable neighborhood of tomatoes, asparagus, lolo rosso lettuce, oregano and Worchester sauce".
For its excellent food and atmosphere the Nobel Restaurant is reckoned as one of the best establishments of the Ukrainian capital. Its remarkable theme parties, aimed to make a run-of-the-mill weekday a fireworks display of emotions, have boosted the Nobel. There the guests are never offered banal musical concert tours, ballet performances, striptease shows and other dulls.
The restaurant, which "strikes at carelessness and monotony through innovation and creativity", is favorably situated in the center of Kiev, in Velyka Vasylkivska Street, which is minutes away from famous Kreshchatik.

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