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There is about it: all over the world Italian and French are favorite European cuisines. The new first-class restaurant of Italian cuisine was opened in Kiev at the beginning of the new millennium.
Situated in the very heart of Kiev, Walter's Restaurant is a modern and fresh establishment that aims to offer its diners the exquisite eating experience. Walter Rossit, the owner and chef of the restaurant, invites the guests to make an unforgettable gastronomic trip to Italy.
The guests of Walter's Restaurant are offered the delicious a la carte menu, boasting just a fabulous selection of popular Italian dishes. Make sure yourself - all kinds of appetizers, cold and hot, more than 10 sorts of pastas, various delicious sausages, supreme poultry, tender meat, more than 10 original Italian salads, dozens of vegetable and fish dishes and even more.
The restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine. The pride of the restaurant is the authentic North Italian pizzas, all hand spun and thin crusted. Baked in traditional wood fired oven, "Forno a Legna", the pizzas cooked there even smoke of Italy.
The Gelatria of Walter's Restaurant is a real paradise for the sweet tooth. The wide choice of homemade Italian Ice Cream, created only with organic products in the so called Artiginale style that is called in Europe "cold art of cookery", just amazes with its exquisiteness and originality. Different sorts of ice-cream served with fresh fruits, sauces and chocolate, luxury Italian vanilla ice cream disguised as pizza and even the Spaghetti Gelato (creamy dessert served with a strawberry sauce and a sprinkling of white chocolate flakes) are something to choose from. But it is not all - there is also a rich list of desserts, offering pies and strudels.
The restaurant often serves as a venue for many interesting Ukrainian and International events. For example, in July 2003 Walter's played host to the EBA's traditional EuroDrink Party.
The Walter's Restaurant has gained an extremely good reputation for excellent homemade cuisine, good friendly service and wonderful interior design. Those who will stay at the Impressa Hotel just must visit it, as the restaurant is located just next to it.

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