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 Poseidon Restaurant
Address: Navodnitsky Park
Phones: 38-044-2542137, 38-044-2542243

Like Poseidon reigns the seas and oceans, the restaurant of the same name reins on the waters of the Dnepr River. With a splendid view of the Dnepr, the restaurant features favorable location close to the many landmarks and attractions of Kiev's center. Wallowing on the waves, it attracts those wandering along the river embankment.
The restaurant offers a cozy and truly marine atmosphere. At the Poseidon each one can find something to his taste. The romantic can feel that there is a certain spirit of adventures reigning at the restaurant. The experienced guest looking for something new will surely like quite an extraordinary restaurant on water.
The main attraction of the restaurant's interior is the aquarium, recreating the life of the bosom of the sea. Bright fish whisk to and fro, hypnotizing with the beauty and softness of their movements.
The credo of the service is that the guests of the restaurant just must rest there. The staff will take care of every detail to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for each visitor. And indeed the guests are treated with special attention. You can choose the place you would prefer to be in. If you want to have a rest in peaceful and picturesque surrounding visit open summer terrace of the restaurant where you can listen to the whisper of the waves and enjoy the splendid view. If you feel like dining in refined setting you would be offered the elegant main dining hall. Those who would like to relax are invited to the Poseidon saunas with magnificent lounges. Indulge your body and soul and after the sauna you'll feel like a newly-born child.
The restaurant, as it is clear from its name, specializes in marine cuisine and offers the fabulously rich menu, so each guest of the Poseidon could find something to his taste. The menu is regularly enriched with new dishes, some of which are proposed by the guests of the restaurant. The freshest products, the gifts of Poseidon, are cooked according to the best traditions and technologies and perfected by creative cooks of the restaurant, who genuinely strives to make each dish a work of culinary art. The specialties of the restaurant are "Tsar Fish Soup" with trout and carrots, "Salmon in Caviar Sauce", "Squid with Tomatoes Italian Style", and "Royal Shrimps". However the restaurant doesn't limit itself with marine cuisine: there is also quite a decent choice of meat, vegetable and fruit dishes.
The restaurant can be recommended for a banquets and solemn occasions. The main hall situated on the ground floor of the restaurant can seat up to 50 guests.
So this unordinary restaurant is a magnificent setting for all forms of dining, with its panoramic river view and seating for 50 guests. The Poseidon Restaurant offers a superb ambience, excellent food and friendly service to create a lovely dining experience.

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