Pantagruel Restaurant

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Address: 44 Moskovskaya St.
Phones: 38-044-2902222, 38-044-2542214

We are all egoists; there is no point in denying that. Better to acknowledge it and visit the place, where you can really indulge yourself. This place is the Egoist Restaurant, created by egoists and for egoists and favorably situated in Moskovskaya Street.
Enter the restaurant and you'll find yourself in a stylish bar, above the counter of which there is an incontestable statement that can be called the motto of the restaurant: "Love for Yourself is Always Mutual!"
The restaurant has several dining halls, each of individual design. The Hall of Famous Egoist is the grandest of them. The original combination of two, at first sight, incongruous, styles - nostalgic retro and hi-tech - provides a unique refined setting. Comfortable leather couches made in Chester style, photographic images of the world-famous egoists and unusual lighting set mood. Every detail of the interior has been carefully thought over to provide the most refined setting for the most demanding guest. There is even a large plasma screen in case if the egoist would like to watch some programs.
There is nothing like the unique library of the Egoist Restaurant in Kiev. The refined book collection that boasts, for example, the edition of "Dead Souls" published in Gogol's lifetime and the complete set of encyclopedia by Brockgause and Effron is at the guests' disposal. They can look through any book they like or tell fortune or examine the original accessories of the 19th centuries.
After the dinner one can enjoy a fine cigar resting on bespoke luxurious leather coaches in the smoking-room. Photo collages appearing through the wisps of fragrant smoke are like the letters from the glamorous past.
The summer terrace keeping on with the atmosphere and style of the restaurant is worth mentioning. All tables, named in honor of celebrated egoists Salvador Dali, Yaroslav Gashek, Koko Chanel, are of individual character. In the shadow of big trees, over a cup of robust coffee "Egoist", alone or in a company of a friend, the guest can think about nothing else but himself.
To please an egoist is a difficult task but the chef of the restaurant does his best to offer the fastidious guests a menu that is rich enough to satisfy any whim. The cuisine of the restaurant can be characterized as French with the elements of other world leading cuisines.
When leaving the restaurant there is the only one question, running through your mind: Love for yourself, isn't it beautiful?

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