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 Caribbean Club
Address: 4 Komminterna St.
Phone: 38-044-2444290
Working hours: Monday- Friday 16:00 till the last client, Saturday-Sunday 18:00 till the last client

The Caribbean Club opened in Kiev in February 1998. Originally it was planned as a restaurant specializing on Caribbean cuisine. However, live music that was played in the restaurant was so inflammatory that the guests could not just sit and enjoy their meal; they wanted to dance to the charming sounds of Latino rhythms. Soon after its foundation the Caribbean Club was turned into a dancing club with the dance floor and large restaurant area. At first the barmen of the club fulfilled the duties of DJs, playing the disks with Latino music. The equipment was very simple, but still the public enjoyed listening and dancing to hot hits. The Caribbean Club was the first one where the barmen started to entertain public singing and dancing. Later the club was equipped with professional equipment, and it became the place of cool and wild parties.
All the guests of the Caribbean Club note a special atmosphere of the venue. They confess that there is something very attractive in the air of the club, which makes them fall in love with the venue, come to the Caribbean club again and bring friends who also appreciate the atmosphere of freedom and joy.
The Caribbean Club is the place where special parties regularly take place. Disco Latino, Tropicana, Amazons' Island, Old Havana Streets - these parties are dear to the heart of everyone who likes Latino music and dances. All the show programs include various contests, practical jokes, live performances of professional dancers and other amazing events. One of the most gorgeous parties organized by the Caribbean Club is the so-called Caribbean Cruise. The large four-decked ship turns into the flowing island of entertainments, including Latino dances, bathing in the swimming pool, various contests and great feast with Caribbean delicacies. The guests of the party feel as if they were somewhere in Havana, in spite that overboard they still can see a familiar silhouette of Kiev embankment.
The Caribbean Club is famous for its parties timed for holidays, such as Halloween, Saint Valentine's Day and New Year. The venue offers bright shows, great Latino music and fine food drinks.

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