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 Pantagruel Restaurant
Address: 1 Lysenko St.
Phones: 279-73-01, 278-81-42

The Pantagruel, a famous Kiev restaurant of Italian cuisine, is time-proved and, like an old wine with the years, it is just getting better, offering its guests the best of the rich Italian culture.
To be more particular, the Pantagruel is not just a restaurant, but an osteria that is a popular Italian establishment, where one can eat and drink. The restaurant was named Pantagruel to honor the main character of famous "Gargantua and Pantagruel" by outstanding Italian writer Francois Rabelais. The story, told with a breathtaking degree of gaiety and wit, celebrates the strength and appetite of popular giants. Gargantua and Pantagruel enjoyed live to the full and paid especially great attention to food and drinks.
The restaurant is renowned for its first-class Italian cuisine, which is of exceptional quality as the chef of the Pantagruel, virtuoso Costantino Passalacqua, is Italian. He offers the guests of the restaurant great pasta and great pizza as well as a good range of other Italian dishes. Risotto, various salads, brilliant fish and meat dishes are like little wonders, which demonstrate the best in culinary sophistication. Needless to say that all the dishes are cooked only with the freshest products.
The special pride of the restaurant is pasta fatta in casa. Excellently cooked, it is just a must for a true admirer of Italian cuisine, as there is nothing else of this kind in the Ukrainian capital.
The Pantagruel Restaurant is really a place that prides itself on professional polish with everything exuding quality. The extensive wine list of the Pantagruel, without any exaggerating, can be called one of the best in Ukraine. Comprised by connoisseurs, it offers a fabulous selection of best wines of Europe, Australia, Chile, South Africa and Georgia and represents practically all the regions of Italia. For the citizens of Kiev could familiarize better with the vintage Italy is proud of, the Pantagruel regularly holds special festivals of Italian wines. There everyone is welcome to taste magnificent wines and enjoy the sparks of sunny Italy in the very center of the Ukrainian capital.
Favorably situated in the ancient city center, next to the famous Golden Gate, the restaurant is an ideal stage to enjoy the charm of Italy, taste best Italian wines and sample a gastronomy deserving of Pantagruel.

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