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 SSSR Restaurant
Address: 42/1 Sichnego Povsstaniya St.
Phones: 38-044-5739775, 38-044-2903066

If you would like to see the island, on the shore of which many relics of Soviet past have been cast up, visit the SSSR Restaurant (USSR). The restaurant was established in April, 1998 and since then has enjoyed the great popularity with the citizens and guests of Kiev.
The restaurant is divided into several thematic zones, corresponding to geographic regions of the former USSR. Without leaving the restaurant you can travel to Central Asia, Siberia, Far East, etc. There is the Uzbek area, where each guest can enjoy all the delights of Chaykhana. In "Georgia" you can watch the process of baking a pita (lavash) or cook a mouthwatering shashlyk. Besides, the restaurant boasts a wonderful aquarium full of fish. And the guests are welcome to fish a carp or a trout and ask the professional cook to make a culinary masterpiece of it.
The idea of the restaurant is not only to preserve the immediate past but also to offer the citizens and guests of Kiev the delicious cuisines of the former soviet republics. The hits of the menu are shashlyk, Ukrainian solyanka and borshch, Russian okroshka and shchi.
To recreate the atmosphere of the Soviet past Russian and Ukrainian songs popular in the 70-80s are played. Quite often the hit repertoire of the past is performed by bands Kiev or Wind.
The restaurant cherishes the traditions of all important Soviet holidays. Come to the SSSR on such days as the 1st of May, Victory Day, Pioneer Day, 7th of November and you'll witness unforgettable theatrical show with all the costumes and attributes of those days.
For the children not to get bored while their parents are recollecting good old days or tasting popular soviet dishes, there is a bright air castle trampoline.
The last but not least is the favorable location of the restaurant. It is situated in the heart of Kiev, in Yanvarskogo Vosstaniya Street, near Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra.

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