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 Tsentral Restaurant
Address: 28 Mezhigorskaya St.
Phones: 38-044-4675495, 38-044-4677826

The Tsentral Restaurant is aimed to provide a pleasant gastronomical and aesthetic experience. Despite its name ("tsentral" means "central") the restaurant is situated not in the city center but quite close to it.
The design of the restaurant reminds of the elegant 19th century. The spacious interior is stylishly decorated with white pilasters, exquisite furniture and canvases that recreate the atmosphere of that time. The working fireplace, a sign of a first-class establishment, imparts luster and respectability to the restaurant. There are three dining halls and VIP-hall, designed as an elegant drawing-room of the 19th century aristocratic mansion. All the halls are decorated in the warm pastel shadows. When dusk falls on Kiev, at the Tsentral Restaurant candles are lit to create a pleasant romantic setting.
In the evening the guests can enjoy splendid classical music, performed by professional musicians that together with the fine collection of cognacs and Cuban cigars contribute to the pleasant atmosphere and make every visit of the restaurant an unforgettable experience.
The menu of the Tsentral Restaurant caters for all tastes, offering the best classical cooking with a leaning towards fish in season and fresh local vegetables. The restaurant also serves a variety of traditional Ukrainian dishes such as stuffed pike with horseradish, herring with pickled onions and potatoes, Kiev Chicken, pickle, Ukrainian borshch, etc. Home-made sausages and famous vareniki (Ukrainian ravioli with different fillings) have also delighted many customers of the Tsentral. The menu is regularly updated to match the highest standards of quality.
Part of the appeal of dining at the Tsentral lies in the aesthetic appeal of each dish beautifully presented and perfectly served that enhances the overall effect.
Business people and all those who would like to have a snack during the day are offered delicious business lunch. The business menu rotates according to the day of the week and represents the most popular dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisines.
The staff of the restaurant would be glad to assist you in the organizing any presentation, banquet, gala-dinner or other events. Individual approach to each guest guarantees that each occasion celebrated at this restaurant will be a pleasant and memorable experience. You can comprise the menu yourself or entrust the experienced staff with it: taking into consideration your taste and references, they will offer you several variants.
The Tsentral Restaurant is open daily since 11:00 am and till the last guest.

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