St. Sofia Cathedral

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It is notorious that in the Medieval Europe monks were not ascetics. On the contrary, epicures and gourmets, they were good experts in exquisite cuisine and best wines. The Capuchin Restaurant, named in honor of the medieval order of the same name, offers its guest an extensive menu that without any doubt would have been highly appreciated by the gourmets of the past.
The cuisine of the restaurant is European with a distinctive French accent. Each guest to the Capuchin Restaurant will find something to his taste in the generous menu, which is regularly updated to match the season. The gourmets will surely appreciate the game dishes the restaurant is famous for. If you think that you have experienced all possible culinary delights and nothing else can surprise you, try Rossini weal with truffles, or lamb in wine sauce, or Gaspaccio soup a l'Andalusia, or Mozzarella di Bouffala tomatoes.
The impressive bar list, offering a great choice of different wines, more than 30 sorts of whisky, 60 classical and special cocktails, corresponds well with the menu.
The restaurant is proud of its exceptional service. In 2003-2004 for its irreproachable service the Capuchin was awarded the first prize at the prestigious Golden Toque Blanche contest.
The restaurant consists of two stylish dining halls and a pub. The interior brings you to the medieval castle: it features stone walls, heavy wooden furniture, medieval arms and flags, chains and candles set the mood. There, far away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, you will plunge into the atmosphere of legendary medieval repast.
The pub of the Capuchin Restaurant serves fresh draught and bottled beer, among which are such popular sorts as Warsteiner, Erdinger, Beamesh, New Castle and Obolon. For those who prefer stronger drinks the pub offers a good choice of whisky, tequila, cognacs and cocktails. In addition to taste some favorite beverages the guests are welcome to watch sport programs or enjoy karaoke.
In the evening splendid live music, including the best of jazz, blues and swing, creates the most pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant. In the pub, which is a less formal place, one can listen to dance music.
All important national and informal holidays might be celebrated at the restaurant, so if you would like to have a memorable holiday, visit the Capuchin Restaurant.
This cozy cloister is a perfect meeting place, which enjoys the great popularity with the guests and citizens of Kiev. The restaurant is reckoned among the best establishments of Kiev for its delicious food and fine dining atmosphere. The Capuchin offers its guests the warmest welcome and invites them to sample the exquisite dishes that so many people have already enjoyed.

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