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 Le Grand Cafe
Address: 4 Muzeyny St.
Phones: 38-044-2287208, 38-044-4905540

If you are tired of all the fashionable novelties and prefer the traditional luxury and comfort of a first-class restaurant, you are welcome at Le Grand Cafe.
Le Grand Cafe is divided into two halls - Lounge Bar and Restaurant Hall. The walls of the main dining hall are adorned with the reproductions of outstanding Ukrainian artists from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, discovered in art collections in France and other places in Europe.
The bar is a place to relax. Small bronze lamps delicately illuminate cozy tables, creating the atmosphere of romance and style. Luxurious sofas allure to sit down and enjoy fine wines and lounge music. The selection of exclusive cognacs and cigars put the finishing touches to exquisite dinner. The dessert trolley offers a tempting selection of sweet dishes.
The best of Ukrainian and European cuisines have formed the exquisite menu of Le Grand Cafe. One of the most, if not the most harmonious combination of French and Ukrainian gastronomic traditions has been highly appreciated by gourmets and can be recommended to the people with even the most refined tastes.
Musician Frank Zappa once said: "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." Changing this statement one can say that writing about dishes is like dancing about architecture. So, come to Le Grand Cafe and enjoy the splendor of its cuisine.
The wine list is well matched with the menu and offers a good selection of wines and strong drinks from all over the world.
Due to its sumptuous interiors and high reputations, the restaurant has been venue for presentation, press conference, corporate parties, family jubilees, wedding and birthday parties a great many times and has a wide experience in organizing all kinds of solemn occasions. The art of French chef and the irreproachable service will make any event a memorable occasion. The restaurant offers several menus to cater for all tastes. The guests can also comprise the menu themselves.

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