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Not far away from the city center, just a few steps from the National Opera and Vladimir Cathedral, the small restaurant that introduces itself as a "cafe-gallery" is situated. The Chico regularly plays host for different exhibitions of modern art. So the guests of the restaurant are offered food for their minds and bodies.
The owners of the Chico, Komarov and Motreyko, launched the cafe in 1996 and named it Chico in honor of the very interesting historical character - a court jester Chico, who entertained French kings Henry III and Henry IV. He was quite an outstanding figure, the only jester of noble birth in the history of France. Enjoying the confidence of the kings, he could do the things others could never even think of. Only he could call the king a fool or fall asleep during the grand reception right on the floor. But for all that he was full of dignity and even wore the sword.
Such an interesting character has been chosen a sort of patron of the restaurant. He sets mood to the decor and the atmosphere that reigns at the restaurant is free, funny and inspiring.
The decor of the Chico is simple and original, with many attributes of a jester. Each detail of the interior is thoroughly selected and harmoniously fits the style of the restaurant.
Chico, as it is clear from different historical books, was a real hedonist. An acknowledged connoisseur, he liked indulging himself with delicious dishes and was a good judge of culinary art. The restaurant's extensive menu, that comprises the best dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisines, would have been highly appreciated by Chico. The portions are substantial enough even for a man with Chico's appetite.
The rich menu of the restaurant is accomplished with the impressive bar menu that offers a selection of vermouths, cocktails, vodkas, cognacs, wines, whiskies and other beverages.
Many guests of honor have visited this restaurant and highly appreciated this place for its exquisite cuisine and irreproachable service.
The secret of the Chico Restaurant's popularity is a sum of pleasant atmosphere, delicious cuisine and live music.

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