Egoist Restaurant

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 Buddha-bar Kiev

Address: 14, Kreshatik str.
Phone: (044) 270 76 77 (044) 270 77 77
Website: www.buddhabar.com.ua

As they say, visiting Buddha-bar can be compared with visiting a SPA resort. This is how powerful its positive energy attracts one. Immerse yourself into a world of refined pleasures and enjoy the carefree relaxing atmosphere these are just few reasons to visit Buddha-bar at least once and come back again. Without any doubts "Buddha-bar Kiev" satisfies all necessary requirements and rules. With a total surface area of the lounge-restaurant at 1400 square meters, it can easily accommodate more than 350 persons. Unlike other "Buddha-bars", "Buddha-bar" Kiev has three levels: restaurant, lounge-zone (Mezzanine) and VIP-zone for 50 persons with an incredible view of the other levels. Absolutely all "Buddha-bars" exist in accordance with particular canons and rules. So, the main tradition of all restaurants is "Family concept". It means, that guests are offered to place dishes they ordered at the middle of the table in order they could share it with their company. In such way one can create a little island of comfort and hospitality, when there are a lot of people around. According to the traditions of "Buddha-bar", usually customers don't stay for a long time at their table, they leave it after dinner and go to the Mezzanine in order to enjoy the music and relax in the magic atmosphere of the lounge.
Having a reputation for luxurious and glamourous night life Buddha Bar Kiev also has a modern up to date restaurant where Fusion Asia cuisine is served. In the menu guests will be able to find dishes from India, China, Japan and Thailand with all cuisines adapted for European tastes.

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