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The dining experience at the Corsair is one of the most romantic Kiev has to offer. Enter the Corsair Restaurant and you'll find yourself on board an ancient ship. Stylish design recreates the interior of a mess-room. Heavy wooden furniture (for not to slip away during the storm), chains, cordage, beamed ceiling and deal floor, and even a skeleton armed with a pistol make you believe that you have somehow become the guests of pirates. From the bull's eyes one can watch the mysterious life of the bosom of the sea. The dining hall is illuminated with massive lantern and delicate candelabrums. The ancient map hanging on one of the walls will help you to draw a plan of your cruise. And the extensive menu will help you to make a route of your culinary voyage.
The French chef of the Corsair Restaurant has comprised a rich menu, where one can find all the treasures of leading world cuisines. The menu really caters for all tastes, offering various grill, fish and meat dishes, salads and soups, desserts and snacks. While the majority of the crew are Ukrainians, the menu features a lot of traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, for the corsairs could console themselves when feeling home-sick during the long voyages.
But what even more important for every true corsair, that is not the menu of the restaurant, but the bar menu. Created with a special attention and generosity, it offers a fantastic choice of strong drinks, from gorilka to martini, from cognac to whisky, and of course there are several sorts of rum and tequila any pirate can't do without. If you are brave enough, try the drinks "Joy of Corsair" (rum, Cointreau, sangria, orange juice, lemon, orange), "Devil's Tail" (rum, gorilka, apricot, lime, grenadine), "Capitan Silver" (gin, martini, lemon juice) or coffee "Black Beard" (cognac, Cointreau, white curacao, double coffee).
Many famous Russian and Ukrainian musicians have visited the Corsair and highly appreciated its original ambience and cuisine.
Reservations are suggested to allow the Corsair to maximize your dining experience but the restaurant always welcomes walking diners as well.

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