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The main distinguishing feature of the Magma Club in Kiev is its decoration and light effects. The club is located in the underground complex, under the highway. The name of the club is symbolic: it means that the club is the magma that flows inside the city volcano and that the nightlife in the club is hot and bright. The interior of the club also reminds of convulsions of nature: one can see unusual psychedelic patterns on the floor, decorated tables and other elements of design that match the name of the Magma Club.
The interiors of the Magma seem to be simple but stylish. The space is used tastefully and reasonably: those who sit around the tables find themselves in the intimate atmosphere of coziness, and they can see everything that is going on at the dance floor.
Prices are another nice surprise for the guests to the Magma. They are intended for budget-minded guests and young people. At the same time the assortment of the bar is very extensive and includes various drinks such as beer, wine, cognac, liqueur, non-alcohol beverages and so forth. The smokers and those who like to relax in exquisite environment are welcome to enjoy hookah with various flavors.
Music in the Magma is performed by popular Kiev DJs; sometimes the club invites Russian and European DJs who know what a real good music is like. The quality of sound is one of the best in the whole city, so the guests of the club enjoy dancing and having fun.
The club boasts lasers that create fantastic effects and exclusive atmosphere of joy and great party. The guests to the club are stylish and beautiful young people who know how to have a good time and enjoy their lives. Professional barmen prepare delicious cocktails that are tasty, refined and unusually decorated.
The Magma Club offers its guests and friends wonderful parties that are dedicated to various events, holidays and even Hollywood movies heroes. For example, such parties as Deep'n'love on February 14, 4 Room party, Last Samurai party are very popular. Some parties are free to enter, but a face control is a must and it demands decent look and good intentions.

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