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 Puzata Khata
Address: 1/2a Basseinaya St.
Phone: 380-44-2467245

In the last few years Kiev undergoes the real fast food boom. More and more cafes and restaurants offering fast service and decent food appear in the Ukrainian capital. It may seem that all fast foods are alike, but this is not quite true. To attract the customers and withstand severe competition, each fast food establishment strives to create its own recognizable style and make really unique offers to would-be customer. The recently opened Puzata Khata (literally "Pot-bellied Peasant House"), presenting Quick and Casual restaurants, has managed to do it and at once declared itself as a strong competitor to all existing popular brands. Decorated in a traditional style, the restaurant has a friendly, family environment, bursting with genuine Ukrainian hospitality and charm.
The main attraction of the two-story Puzata Khata is its original interior, recreating the traditional clay-walled hut you can come across in practically any old village of Ukraine. Wall-paintings, numerous crocks, unvarnished earthen dishes, glass jars with homemade varenye (jam) and pickles, straw decorating the walls and the ceiling, wooden furniture, traditional stove and wooden cart - all these create warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Traditional Ukrainian cuisine is another advantage of the Puzata Khata. The main difference between the Puzata Khata offering dishes that are never cooked from half-finished products, but from freshest ingredients delivered to the restaurant daily. The dishes included in the menu have been chosen on the principle of "easy to cook" and popularity. As the result the menu boasts such well-known national dishes as Ukrainian borsch with pampushki (rolls), homemade sausages, vareniki, pancakes, salads, meat and fish dishes. Children and those with a sweet tooth are offered a rich choice of different desserts; adults are pleased with the good assortment of beer. The price of an average dinner including a salad, a soup and some meat or fish dish is surprisingly low - about 10- 13 Ukrainian hryvnias.
Not so long ago the Puzata Khata has revived the tradition of "ryumochnaya", literally "jigger", that was immensely popular in the Soviet times. Naturally, the modern ryumochnaya launched by the Puzata Khata differs greatly from the old ones in both interior and style, but the idea is the same - to provide citizens and guests to Kiev with a nice cozy place where one have a rest and enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage. Popular and elite strong drinks, exotic cocktails, stylish interiors and professional barmen of the new Ryumochnaya attract crowds of customers every day. The new establishment already enjoys the great popularity and in the near future several more ryumochnayas are to appear in the center of Kiev.

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