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People have become more time-conscious over the years and often can't afford themselves to waste an hour or two to dine. Offering prompt service and casual dining experience the MacSmack welcomes customers at numerous pizzerias, many of which work round the clock. If you don't have time to dine or just don't want to leave your home or an office call MacSmack delivery service and soon after you will enjoy hot delicious pizzas and tasty salads. The weather conditions, the time of the day and order quantity doesn't matter - your order will be delivered as quick as possible. The MacSmack has been delivering pizza since 2000 and by now the company controls a greater part of pizza delivery market in Ukraine. For many citizens of Kiev the MacSmack brand name is rapidly becoming synonymous with pizza delivery. The MacSmack delivers a very hot pizza to someone's door in less time than it would take them to cook a meal.
The customers of the MacSmack always have a great choice. According to one's preferences the pizza topped with mushrooms, ham, salami, olives, tomatoes, chicken, pineapples, seafood or cheese can be chosen. Along with different pizzas the standard MacSmack menu offers a variety of popular salads, pies and cakes, soft drinks and sandwiches.
Besides, the MacSmack provides supermarkets of Kiev with ready-made pizza, frozen to the state-of-the-art technology. It is easy to cook in an oven or in a microwave oven.
As for the history, it was started in autumn 1998, when close to the Pecherskaya metro station in the pedestrian subway the first pizzeria MacSmack was opened. It was a small cozy restaurant with funny interiors and pleasant background music. Soon after several MacSmack pizzerias appeared in the most crowded parts of Kiev. Hi-tech and classical, they differ in style but are practically identical as to the assortment, prompt service and friendly atmosphere. The pizzeria in Vorovskogo Street is notable for live concerts held every Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 p.m. All motorists know well the pizzeria conveniently located in Stolichnoye highway.
By now the MacSmack stretches all around Kiev, offering the citizens and tourists tasty pizzas at moderate prices, and satisfied customers keep coming back.

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