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The Shvydko restaurants are the fast foods serving national Ukrainian cuisine. The first restaurant of this brand was opened in Kiev in 2000 and during four year seven more restaurants have appeared in the main shopping centers of Kiev, close to metro stations. Favorable location in the city center and popular walking places with a lot of people who would like to have a quick and tasty snack is the advantage of the Shvydko restaurants. But the Shvydko doesn't stop half-way - by 2007 33 Shvydko restaurants are planned to have been built. Far-reaching designs of the Shvydko include the opening of about 200 fast-food restaurants in Kiev and about 5,000 in Ukraine. The restaurants would be different in style, in addition to the present restaurants of modern and functional design the express-restaurants and restaurants with national decor would appear.
The dishes included in the menu of the Shvydko are tasty and well-known and what's even more important easy to cook, that is especially urgent taking into account the rush of customers. For example, to cook the extremely popular vareniki (Ukrainian ravioli), presented in several variations in the menu, takes 4-5 minutes and they are usually sold in 10-15 minutes. That guarantees that the customers are always offered delicious fresh cooked dishes.
The specialities of the Shvydko are borsch with sour cream, mushroom soup, slices of salmon with sauce, Chicken Kiev, potatoes home-style and other jams of Ukrainian cuisine.
The famous confectionary, many people specially come to savor, is cooked right at the restaurant. Cakes and pastries, rolls and buns, desserts and ice-creams make the guest with sweet tooth thrill with delight.
Along with liquid refreshments, tea and coffee, the Shvydko restaurants offer several sorts of popular Obolon beer. The main advantage of fast food restaurant is the fast service that is as important as the tasty food. All this can be guaranteed at the Shvydko restaurants.

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