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 Dva Gusya
Address: 1 Pecherskaya Sq.
Phone: 380-44-2014317
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The Dva Gusya, or Two Geese, is one of the most popular fast-food chains in Kiev. Launched at the end of 1990s, it has become a real hit. The first restaurant Dva Gusya was opened in Kiev at 46 Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Street in 1998. Then it was a restaurant in the full sense of the word: a classic style establishment with waiters and ordering from menu. In 2000 the second restaurant of this brand appeared in Kiev. This time it was not yet a "fast-food", but rather a "fast service" restaurant. Opening of the restaurants at the Metrograd shopping complex in Bessarabskaya Square and Globus shopping center in Independence Square two years later marked the advent of the Dva Gusya fast-food chain in Ukraine.
The Two Geese, amusing characters of the popular folklore song, have been chosen the symbols and in a certain way "patrons" of the restaurants. The portraits of the geese, one of which is white and another is grey, you can see at the restaurant located in Kreshchatik Street. There the walls of the dining hall that has colorful, childish and festive design are decorated with pictures, representing geese working, eating, fishing and traveling.
Like other fast food restaurants, the Dva Gusya provides fast and good quality service. But along with the service rate they pay great attention to the quality of dishes and their ingredients. Another priority of the Dva Gusya restaurants is an individual approach and friendly relations to each guest. At the Dva Gusya restaurants self-service and services by waiters are combined.
The menu of the Dva Gusya offers a wide choice of tasty dishes. The menu is regularly enriched, but the most preferred by clients dishes stay in the menu as long as they enjoy a wide popularity. Traditional borsch, saltwort, vareniki (Ukrainian ravioli), salads, cutlets, sausages, various meat and fish dishes, desserts and soft drinks - the menu is so versatile that it has a lot to offer for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Along with the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine that occupy a considerable section of the menu there are also French, American, Russian, Danish and even Hawaiian dishes.

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