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One of the leading Russian restaurants empires Rosinter operates two Rostik's restaurants in the Ukrainian capital. To find these popular fast food restaurants look for the smiling chickens brandishing a fork and a knife in each wing that are depicted on the windows of all Rostik's restaurants.
The specialty of the Rostik's restaurants is famous Rostik's fried chicken cooked to the original patent know-how which is kept in the strictest secret. The long-lasting hit of the list of most popular dishes, delicious chicken, is really worth tasting. Besides, the menu, representing American and Russian cuisines, features such dishes as Velikan specialty sandwich, French fries, salads with croutons and shrimps, homemade ravioli, mushroom soup and many more. To put the finishing touches to a plentiful dinner choose a dessert to your taste from the selection of ice-creams and fruit pies. The list of drinks offers coffee, hot chocolate, tea, milk cocktails, soft drinks and beer.
The dishes served at the Rostik's are not only tasty and nourishing, but also healthy. For example, popular "Chicken in its Skin" is low-caloric dish, the 100 grams of the product contains only 100 calories.
Little guests are offered the tasty lunch "Rasti bolshoy" (literally "Grow up") with a funny toy. Special children's programs will make each visiting of the Rostik's restaurant a memorable pleasant experience. The Rostik's restaurants are a nice place to meet with friends, have a rest with your family or just have a snack. Besides the Rostik's is a good choice to celebrate a birthday party or other holidays.
Comfortable atmosphere, friendly service, reasonable prices and rich menu that can cater for all tastes have boosted the Rostik's popularity with citizens and tourists and in the near future the new restaurants of this brand are to appear in Kiev and other Ukrainian towns.

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