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 Il Patio
Address: 5a Bessarabskaya Sq.
Phone: 380-44-2354446

Although the name Il Patio seems rather to the citizens of Kiev, the restaurant itself is familiar to the majority of them. This paradox can be simply explained. Up to April 2004 the restaurant had been known as Patio Pizza, that is the largest and the oldest Italian restaurant chain in the countries of the Former Soviet Union. After the re-branding, conducted by the leading Russian restaurateur Rosinter, it got this name, which suites best the restaurant's new conception.
Nowadays the citizens of Kiev and tourists visiting the Ukrainian capital are welcome at the family restaurant Il Patio, which is favorably located not far from the city center. The conception of family dining experience has determined the friendly interior with open flame brick oven, cozy couches, black and white photos and dimmed light. Il Patio recreates a piece of Italy with its warm and friendly atmosphere.
The restaurant offers a generous menu, which quite comprehensively represents splendid Italian cuisine. Alongside with numerous pizzas (there is more than a dozen of delicious Neapolitan pizzas offered), there are different sorts of classical pasta prepared to authentic receipts, homemade pastas, popular risotto, appetizing and healthy salads, antipasti, carpaccio and soup. The extensive wine list representing regular wines of famous Italian regions is a nice and essential accompaniment to the menu.
The little guests are welcome with a special bright and funny menu that offers many interesting dishes like crab or tortoise-shaped pizzas, "Meow-Meow", "Chocolate picture" desserts, the most tasty milk shakes and healthy tropical drinks, etc. Besides, while the adults are talking, children can have a great time drawing, as the restaurant has special color books and crayons for kids.
During the day businesspeople and all feeling like having a tasty snack are provided at Il Patio with generous business-lunch, featuring a great salad-bar.
While the restaurant positions itself as a family restaurant, it works only till 10:00 p.m., so it isn't like to be recommended for a romantic date.
The former Patio Pizza and the present Il Patio is not a fast food, rather a family restaurant of fast casual dining. But due to the quick service, working hours, democratic prices and popular dishes - all very convenient for a quick and tasty lunch or dinner - it has been included in the Fast Food section of our site.

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