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 Pechiona Kartopelina
Address: 1 Nezalezhnosti Sq. (Globus shopping center)
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The bread and potatoes have always been reckoned as the main national dishes of all Slavonic people. The Kroshka-Kartoshka fast food restaurant and cafe network launched in 1997 in Moscow offers citizens of many Russian and Ukrainian towns a good alternative to the traditional American fast food restaurants. Today anyone is welcome to enjoy the ever-lasting hit of Russian cuisine - a huge potato with different stuff baked in foil in oven.
The speciality of the Pechiona Kartopelina (which is a Ukrainian variant of the Kroshka-Kartoshka), the delicious baked potato, is cooked before customers' eyes. The smoking potato is taken out of the oven, cut, added butter and cheese and mashed into appetizing soft puree. The filling is of the customer's choice - herring, pickled or fried mushrooms, crab meat, brynza (salted cheese), ham, cabbage, etc. But the menu doesn't limit itself with potatoes; there is also a great selection of salads, hot sandwiches (toasts) with ham, fried mushrooms and cheese, vareniki (Ukrainian ravioli with cherry, meat, potato and mushrooms), hot fragrant soups, mouthwatering desserts (delicious pies, fruit with souffle and fruit jelly) and various drinks (from ice-cold refreshing drinks to hot chocolate and coffee). For the convenience of customers the Pechiona Kartopelina offers combo lunches that combine the most popular dishes.
The adherents of healthy living shouldn't put absolute trust in the wide-spread opinion that fast food is unhealthy. "Fast, delicious, healthy!" is the main slogan of the Kroshka-Kartoshka company. It is interesting to know that 100 gram of boiled or baked potato contains only about 90 kcal. Besides, the starch contained in potato tubers contributes to the lowering of the cholesterol in blood. The potato baked in foil is especially recommendable, as potato prepared this way preserves the maximum quantity of all its nutrition ingredients.
Meeting the highest international standards, the Pechiona Kartopelina attaches great importance to providing its customers with high-quality dishes. Exclusively fresh products are used in food preparation, conducted with the help of up-to-date technologies. Before the customer gets the potato, it undergoes several stages of strictest checkup.
With its restaurants varying in design but preserving the unique recognizable style, the Pechiona Kartopelina has something to offer to each customer. There are auto cafes, designed for servicing people in the street, space-saving mini-units and restaurant type cafes with modern casual setting, situated in the most popular shopping centers. Lively and bright interiors, in which green, yellow and red colors dominate, create a pleasant atmosphere and festive mood.

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