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 Domashnyaya Kukhnya
Address: 16-22 Bogdana Khmelnitskogo St.
Phone: 380-44-2342918, 380-44-2358922
Address: 2A Konstantinovskaya St.
Phone: 380-44-4676310, 380-44-4676049

If you are in the center of Kiev, which is crowded with luxurious and expensive restaurants, and do not have heaps of money to waste on dinner or are dressed too informally to enter a prudish establishment, don't worry - you won't die from starvation, as there is a nice and reasonably-priced Domashnyaya Kukhnya fast-food restaurant in Kiev.
The popular Domashnyaya Kukhnya (Home Cooking) fast-food restaurants, launched in 2000, advocate the principles of home cooking that have won a lot of supporters. About three or four thousands of Kiev citizens and guests of the city daily come here to enjoy tasty dishes that are cooked the way "our mothers and grandmothers did it".
The principle of home cooking has determined the style and politics of the restaurant. To begin with, at the Domashnyaya Kukhnya restaurants frozen food is never used. All products are fresh and delivered daily. Dishes are cooked according to receipts taken from the old cookery books, which were very popular in the 19th and 20th centuries.
The menu features dishes you most surely would be treated with visiting any Ukrainian family. Borsch, appetizing salads, tasty meet and fish dishes, mouthwatering desserts are all easy to cook, that's why you can be sure that a dish you have chosen has been cooked just now, not a day or two ago. The extensive menu of the Domashnyaya Kukhnya numbers about 80 dishes that make the restaurant a nice place to have breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper.
At the home cuisine restaurant plastic plates and spoons, although they are very convenient and hygienic, are out of place, that's why the Domashnyaya Kukhnya restaurants offer high-quality Moravian dishes and cups. As for the prices, they are very democratic. The average price of a dinner is not more than 10 hryvnias. Among regular customers there are students and businessmen, schoolboys and schoolgirls, pensioners and office employees.
In the last few years the popularity of the Domashnyaya Kukhnya network of restaurants has grown enormously, and no surprise, as only there the cooking is definitely home-style.