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 Sun Plazza
Address: 4 Geroyev Kosmosa St.
Phone: 380-44-2471903

Sun Plazza is a beauty salon that specializes in sunburn services. The salon is fully outfitted with the most up-to-date equipment. Experienced professionals use individual approach based on the peculiarities of a person's skin.
Sunburn is the natural reaction of human organism, the protection from the sun radiation. There is no doubt that more sunburned and brown the skin the less is the risk to get a scald.
Human skin is able to protect itself from the influence of the sunlight. The defense system of human skin is based on the formation of melanin. This process is not a superfluous safeguard. It comes into full effect in two-three days after the sunburn and comes to an end in 2-3 weeks of regular ultraviolet rays influence.
During this period the endurance of skin increases from 10 minutes to 5 hours. This means that, depending on type of skin, one can appreciably increase the time of the sunburn without any risk to get burned.
And of course the other reason to use sunburn services is the aesthetical look of brown skin. For many people this reason is the main one.
The salon is equipped with the newest horizontal and vertical Megasun and Ergoline sunburn machines.
With the development of sunburn culture and aesthetics more and more people use special cosmetics. The necessity of cosmetics usage is determined by the wish to keep the skin healthy during the sunburn process and to stimulate the melanin forming. Special cream is used to moisten the skin and to preserve it from dehydration. The high-quality Swedish Beauty, Australian Gold and Caribbean Gold cosmetics that are used in Sun Plazza will hasten the process and will give your skin the desired tint. The consultants working in the salon are always ready to help to choose the optimal course according to a client's type of skin.

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