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 Beauty Service
Address: 11 Trehsvyatitelskaya St.
Phone: 380-44-2280012

Beauty Service Salon is conveniently located in the historical part of Kiev in the district near Mikhaykivskaya Square.
It's a place where only best masters, participants and winners of various national and international exhibitions and competitions, work. The salon is rather small in size but cozy at the same time. The homelike atmosphere and pleasant interiors will help every guest feel there right at home.
The salon offers the whole complex of services including various haircuts, styling, modeling, colorizing, dyeing, head massage, manicure, pedicure, visage and decorative tattooing. The salon's high-skilled professionals are always glad to recommend something to change and somehow improve one's image. Long-term experience and professionalism of the personnel assure that a person's natural beauty will be emphasized at full force. Only the best products are used in the salon: disposable materials, professional cosmetics of the best manufacturers and high-quality equipment.
Professions connected with beauty and body care combine individuality, mastership, experience and expression in one powerful mean. No need to say that every person is always trying to look better. The professionals of Beauty Service Salon consider their main aim to help people to make these efforts successful. Every one is unique and beautiful by nature. It is only necessary to find this unique beauty and to make it shine for everyone to see. Efficient hairdressers, barbers and cosmetologists working in the Beauty Service Salon are always glad to help and give some advice.

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