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Address: 29a Zakrevskogo St.
Phone: 380-44-5151682

There are a lot of methods to emphasize a person's individuality, but the most popular means to reach this goal are stylish haircut, perfect make-up and high-quality manicure.
The capital of Ukraine has some places where all these services are carried out on the highest professional level. The Aktual Beauty Salon is a place where one won't bother about quality of hair, face and nails care products and the professionalism of personnel. In this salon one can relax and forget about all the problems for a while.
All specialists working in the salon have the highest level of professionalism and working experience. They use individual and creative approach to every client. The spectrum of clients' wishes may vary, but the masters of the Aktual Salon will satisfy every client in making manicure, make-up or beautiful hair style.
Experienced cosmetologists use only the products of the world's best manufacturers and are always willing to help in finding and selecting the individual complex of cosmetics. Facial massage, massage of the neck, bio epilation and paraffin therapy are also carried out on the highest professional level. Tattoo master is equally able to make traditional and cosmetic tattoos.
To guarantee client's health and comfort the Aktual Salon uses only the cosmetics of the best and most renowned world manufacturers. All these products also can be bought here for private usage at home.
All these features make the Aktual one of the best centers of beauty services in Kiev.

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