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 NK Club
Address: 20 Mikhailovskaya St.
Phones: 380-44-2283344, 380-44-2283404

NK Club is a professional beauty salon located in the central part of Kiev, not far from Nezalezhnosti Square. Specialists of the club are always willing to help in realizing one's aspiration for beauty and perfection.
Experienced cosmetologists of the NK offer varied methods based on the usage of elite cosmetics "Club of Professionals of France", "M-120 Biotechnological Complexes" and "Nizar".
Body modeling and cellulites treatment is essential to a lot of people nowadays due to the incorrect and irregular way of life and nutrition. The specialists of the center offer a variety of successful methods.
Hairdressers and visagistes of the NK Club are glad to create one's unique image by making an optimal haircut according to appearance peculiarities. They also provide clients with hair therapy services, daily and special evening styling.
Many people want to make their hands look beautiful and exceptional. The NK Club offers nail grafting and artistic painting services. The grafting is accomplished by various means - with gel or organic powder. Here one can also try a unique method of complicated pedicure with the usage of the best cosmetic products.
Relaxing sauna and all kinds of massage will revive one's vigor and will help a person to feel cheerful and bright for a long time. Professional solarium and cosmetic tattooing is also at your service.
The friendly atmosphere characterizes the NK Club. Natural intercourse over a cup of tea or coffee in the bar located in the club's hall will supplement visiting with positive emotions.

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