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 Estet Center
Address: 25 Chervonarmiiska St., 60 Saksaganskogo St.
Phones: 380-44-2350513, 380-44-2272732

Estet Center specializes in cosmetology and aesthetical medicine. The center features the newest and most revolutionary technologies and state-of-the-art equipment.
One of the currents of Estet Center work is endermologie. This is a new technology developed by French company LPG Systems, the biggest manufacturer of equipment for aesthetic medicine. The methodic is based on the mechanical stimulation of the tissue. High effectiveness of this method in the treatment of cellulites and adiposity is ratified by FDA USA certificate. Endermologie also corrects body weight and contours, heals atonic skin. Endermological treatment is comfortable and painless. The intensity of procedures is controlled individually.
Estet Center is also a place where one can get highly skilled consultations. After all, various skin defects may be removed and healed with laser, electrosurgical and cryodestructive methods. In the center one can easily get rid of various birthmarks, scars and tattoos.
Another progressive current of the center's work is alpha-massage. This method combines massage with thermal effects, light and aromatherapy. Alpha-massage greatly improves circulation of blood in body.
Another progressive successful method used in the Estet is mesotherapy. Usage of this method essentially improves the condition of skin. An average mesotherapy course consists of 10-12 seances.
Specialists of the center use individual approach to every client and are always willing to provide the consultation and to choose the most optimal healing course depending on individual characteristics.

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