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Address: 24v Mikhailovskaya St.
Phone: 380-44-2298222

Modern Rachel Beauty Salon is rather new. But it has quickly gained the attention of Kiev citizens with its professionalism and creative approach. Rachel made its debut and demonstrated the works of its masters for a first time on the "Hairstyle Parade - 2002" conducted by Wella company. Stylish and multi-purpose works offered the ability to change style easily from official to everyday and creative. Many of the "Hairstyle Parade" visitors were amazed by the lightness and natural simplicity of Rachel works. The public also enthusiastically perceived special collection for children.
Rachel offers a whole range of hairdressing services including cutting, styling, dyeing, colorizing and tone correction. Having something for everyone the salon emphasizes on casual and business hairstyles.
In addition to hairdressing the salon offers a wide range of other services. Experienced specialists in cosmetology are always willing to provide clients with massage, various facial masks with the usage of healing waxes and clays, special anti-stress program and Japanese shiatsu massage. Other services include cryotherapy, various kinds of body massage, pedicure, wax epilation, manicure, make-up, tattooing and stomatology.

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