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Address: 3B Tuluzy St.
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Working hours: Daily, 24 hours

The sauna Victoria offers its guests a wealth of various services and facilities, such as sweating room intended for 5 persons, swimming pool, lounge area appointed with soft leather furniture, and shower room. The visitors are treated with fresh, aromatic coffee and tea free of charge. All the guests are welcome to use clean cotton sheets, soft towels and disposable slippers. They also should not bother about their vehicles: in front of the Victoria there is a large guarded parking place, where all the visitors can leave their cars for free.
Near the Victoria there is a bar that collaborates with the sauna. The bar provides the sauna guests with snacks, hot courses, cold dishes and various drinks. The guests appreciate multifarious kinds of fresh beer and national Ukrainian alcohol drinks. Non-alcohol beverages, fresh fruit, vegetable juices and energetic cocktails are also available.
The sauna is not large and is intended for 6 persons. To guarantee that the sauna is not occupied on the day you have chosen for a rest, make a call and book your sauna in advance. An administrator meets and welcomes the guests at the entrance, shows them the sauna premises and, if necessary, explains them the rules of sauna using.
The sweating-room is made of natural wood, which guarantees good steam and pleasant feelings. In the Victoria, firewood is used as an energy source, and there is a large amount of stones to store the heat, so the sauna contains only natural and ecologically safe materials. A cool, refreshing shower during or after sauna completes one's relaxation. It is very healthy to use a special broom while bathing. A broom is a thick bunch of birch twigs that is used to slap each other, which promotes blood circulation and cleanses the skin. Slapping is not supposed to hurt, but to make one's skin tingle for a while.

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