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In Ukraine there is a folklore proverb: "The sauna steams and gives health". It is well-known that people have enjoyed a sauna since ancient times. According to the old treatise, sauna gives ten benefits, which are clarity, coolness, energy, health, strength, beauty, youth, cleanness, silk skin and pretty girls' attention. The medics have even proved efficiency of sauna scientifically. Being in a sauna positively affects the functioning conditions of major human organs and organism systems, intensifies metabolism and immunity mechanisms. Sweating in a sauna helps to get rid of scum that is deleterious for health. Finally, sauna is just very pleasant. The health complex Ban-Tu invites guests to assure health and enjoyable sauna features on their personal experience.
The sauna room of the Ban-Tu is made of alder and oak-tree according to the latest technology achievements. It allows keeping heat in a sauna for a very long time. After sauna one feels relaxation and satisfaction. In the Ban-Tu there are many opportunities for a rest. The cozy banquet hall is equipped with soft furniture, qualitative audio and video equipment and a large screen. Satellite TV with over 150 channels is at the guests' disposal. The banquet hall is the place for chatting with friends, listening to good music and watching favorite movies or sport programs and tournaments. Professional chef and delicious cuisine also are advantages of the Ban-Tu. Various kinds of beer and tasty snacks will appear on your able at the first call.
Those who like to play Russian billiards and American pool will appreciate a well-equipped game room. Decorated as a village cottage, the hall attracts with its coziness and style. In the Ban-Tu there are several exquisitely designed rooms for those who prefer privacy. The VIP room is equipped with a large Jacuzzi.
If you dream of a superb rest and want to get acquainted with Ukrainian customs and traditions, the sauna Ban-Tu is the best way to do it.

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