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Address: 2/30 Knyazhiy Zaton St
Phone: 380-44-5736813
Working hours: Daily, 24 hours

The sauna Fox is conveniently located near the Poznyaki metro station. It takes just 5 minutes to get to the sauna and enjoy its heat and steam. The Fox offers a number of services and facilities for those who like to rest in saunas. The price one pays for an hour in the Fox included unlimited coffee, tea or beverages.
The sauna Fox consists of sweating-room intended for four persons, swimming pool with refined water and individually controlled water temperature and shower room. Near the sauna there is a free parking place. The Fox is equipped with a bar that offers an extensive choice of alcohol drinks and cocktails. The restroom is furnished with soft furniture and equipped with modern video and audio systems. Also there is a massage room, since it is well known that a seance of massage after spending some time in a sweating-room is very healthy. A restorative massage by professional masseur lasts about 50 minutes and promotes relaxation, stress reducing and mood elevation.
If you are in the sauna for the first time, the workers of the hospitable Fox will do everything for you to like it and keep good memories about your first visit. Those who are interested in the history of sauna development are welcome to learn curious and entertaining stories and jokes about it. For example, it might be useful to know that since the ancient times sauna served as a cure for various diseases, and the so-called "sauna culture" started to develop in Greece and Italy, where people knew how to take care of their bodies and enjoy the sauna steam. Finns practiced sauna since the ancient times, and the Finnish sauna is still considered to be one of the healthiest and most pleasant. In all cultures, including the Slavic one, sauna takes an important place, and numerous jokes, funny stories and legends are evidences of it. Sauna can be enjoyed together with friends and colleagues.

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