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 Fundukleevskie Saunas
Address: 52-b Bogdana Khmelnitskogo St.
Phone: 380-44-2307425
Working hours: Daily, 24 hours

The Fundukleevskie Saunas invite the guests, offering them a wealth of services, including sweating-room, scented Finnish sauna, water and massage treatments, swimming pool with scented sea salt, contrast shower, sport trainers, solarium, cozy restrooms with satellite TV, audio equipment, video system with an extensive choice of video cassettes, catering services and hundreds of other nice details that make a visit to the Fundukleevskie Saunas healthy and pleasant. Comfort, fast service and friendly personnel are advantages of these saunas, so those who visited the place once, come back again and bring friends here. The guests to the Fundukleevskie Saunas are welcome to try dishes and snacks of the international cuisine.
Family visits to the Fundukleevskie Saunas became a good tradition. Here each person will find something interesting and attractive for his or her taste: kids enjoy bathing in the swimming pool, women appreciate specialists' consultation concerning body care, and men like to play pool in the rest room. The Fundukleevskie saunas are also great for holding various events, such as birthday celebrations, sport trainings and relaxation in the exotic atmosphere.
The Fundukleevskie Saunas are decorated as a charming woodland little house. The walls are faced with various kinds of wood, the floor is covered with soft and warm carpet, so the guests can walk barefoot. The saunas' staff carefully keeps order and cleanness. All the guests are given special disposable slippers. After spending some time in the sweating room one is free to use modern solarium free of charge. The lamps of the solarium are being changed regularly. Near the solarium there is a comfortable chair, so those who are bored just laying and tanning can ask a friend for a company.
Health, pleasure and positive emotions are integral characteristics of the Fundukleevskie saunas. Mental and physical relaxation will fill up you with energy and strength.

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