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The sauna Izumrud is located in a cozy corner of Kiev, not far from the main thoroughfares of the city, so getting there is not a problem. The Izumrud contains comfortable wooden checkroom, sweating-room with four levels intended for up to 10 persons, swimming pool with crystal-refined water, shower room with hydro-massage showers, large area that is suitable for having meal, watching video or even dancing, separate room with giant bed and soft light, where the guests can relax and have a some rest. Near the sauna building there is a relatively large guarded parking place, so the visitors should not worry about their vehicles. The parking services are free for the Izumrud clients. The temperature in the sweating room is individually controlled, and it can reach up to 125 degrees centigrade. Among the entertainments the sauna offers its guests are chess, backgammon and hookah.
The massage room of the Izumrud is a very good place to relax and enjoy such healthy treatment. Classical and erotic types of massage fill a body with energy and lightness. Classical massage is performed by a professional masseur and manual therapy specialist, whose experience counts more than 15 years. It includes body, arms, legs, facial, back and anti-cellulites procedures. Erotic massage is performed by beautiful ladies and combine pleasure with health advantage. This type of massage includes working of all the muscles, ligaments and joints. In the sauna Izumrud, a massage seance lasts about an hour or an hour and a half. It ends up with the most pleasant emotional and physical condition that can be compared to extreme adventures or a flight. The body fills up with energy, and one feels as if he or she was just reborn.
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