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 Milain Limited
Address: 8 Malaya Zhitomirskaya St., office 1
Phone: 380-44-2290951, 380-44-2290966,

Nowadays when everything changes so quickly and so drastically many people cling to the traditions and values of the past. That's why the retro style is as popular as the ultra modern design. Milain Limited, the exclusive representative of the Authentic Models Company in Ukraine, offers the unique collection of gifts and souvenirs, each of which has its own history and soul. The Milain Limited souvenirs are attributes of well-being and exquisite taste. Exclusive things, made from traditional materials and according to traditional technologies, form the core of the collection. Warm and noble finewood, shining brass and bespoke glass details make each object not only attractive to look at but also to touch. Terrestrial globes, writing-materials, navigation and meteorological devices, featuring the noble patina of the past, are of museum value. Classic, so timeless, they harmonize well with any office interior and can be strongly recommended as presents for businesspeople.
The rich collection of replicas of ancient terrestrial globes reminds of the time when every journey was a real adventure, not an ordinary business trip. Ship models are so accurate that you can easily imagine them furrowing the seas and can even hear sea-birds cry and smell salty odor of the ocean. Each replica is supplied with the "legend", telling about the history, function and former owners of the original one. Milain Limited provides its customers not only with stylish souvenirs and presents suitable for any occasion but with dreams and fairytales, destroying the monotony of the workaday routine with bright and stylish details. The show-room of the company is situated close to Maidan Nezalezhnosty Square, in Malaya Zhitomirskaya Street. But you can also find souvenirs of Milain Limited in the Globus shopping center, in the Orient shop at 3 Chokolovsky Boulevard, West Moda in Lvovskaya Square and at the souvenir stand of the Borispol Airport.

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