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 Kiev Jewelry Factory
Address: Nezalezhnosti Sq. (Globus shopping center, 3d line, 1 floor)
Phone: 380-44-2296552
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Kiev Jewelry Factory, producing almost the half of all jewelry in Ukraine, is the indisputable leader in the production of gold and silver wares on the territory of Ukraine. It dates back to 1936 when on the basis of a small clock and jewelry hospital a jewelry factory was established. The Jewelry Factory upholds the tradition of the 19th century artisan workshops and Jewelry Works of Joseph Marshak, well-known far beyond the territory of Ukraine. The combination of the time-tested techniques of hand crafting and the most updated technologies results in the wonderful gold and silver wares. The Jewelry Factory is state-of-the-art, with many specialized tools and types of equipment that many smaller workshops often cannot afford. It uses the most modern techniques and equipment like computer design, computer engraving, laser hall-marking and others.
The assortment of Kiev Jewelry Factory numbers about 3,500 items and is enriched monthly. Such an extensive collection provides boundless opportunities and even the most demanding customers can choose something to his taste. "Sophistication, Refined Taste and Traditions" is the slogan of the factory, which for almost a century has pleasantly surprised and gratified its customers. There are many admirers of Kiev Jewelry Factory production not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The factory has taken part at many international exhibitions in Japan, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and Italy, where its production has been highly appreciated. Attention to detail, creativity, quality hand-crafted jewelry-art, unique and original custom designs - that's what Kiev Jewelry Factory is all about. But do mind that according to strict Ukraine customs regulations travelers leaving the country are not allowed to take out jewelry from the territory of Ukraine, only the one they had declared entering the country. Travelers must declare all cash and jewelry, regardless of value, upon entering Ukraine. Undeclared items are confiscated.

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