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 Amber House
Address: 11 Semyi Sosninykh St.
Phone: 380-44-4710216, 380-44-4728690

Amber is a unique material, sunny and warm. It has been known since the early times. One of the first mentioning of this wonderful semiprecious stone can be found in Homer's Odyssey, where for the first time amber was compared to the sun. Greek mythology wrapped amber with many legends. According to the most poetical of them, amber is shivers of sun or hardened spindrift. The Ancient Greeks also associated amber with tears of nymphs. In one of his plays Sophocles wrote that amber is formed from the tears of fantastic birds. Many people considered amber to possess magic and curative features and used wares made of sunny stone as amulets and panacea from diseases of all kinds. And even in the 18th century the prominent French naturalist Georges-Luis Buffon asserted that amber is a stark honey. Although according to the modern science, amber is just a transformed through certain chemical processes fossil resin produced by pine trees, which grew millions years ago, it still preserves its magic and special charm.
Nebozhatko Zoya and Novikov Aleksandr, Ukrainian artists known far beyond the boundaries of their native country, were enchanted with the sunny stone years ago and are still under the spell of this magic stone. Their original works in author's unique technique, representing the interesting combination of painting and incrustation, you could see in the Amber House Salon and Art Gallery. The canvases are adorned with amber, rock crystal, serpentine, smalt, lapis lazuli, jasper, fluorite and marble. The rich collection of the Amber House includes landscapes, still lives, nu, genre painting, portraits and even icons decorated with semiprecious stones. The original pictures of Nebozhatko Zoya and Novikov Aleksandr enjoy great popularity in Ukraine and abroad and can be found in many private collections of Holland, France, the USA and other countries. Either a small still life or a large bespoke icon, the works are of sunny sheen and radiate the energy of the mysterious sunny stone.

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