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The Interior Design Studio specializes in selling gifts and souvenirs provided by leading European producers. The rich collection includes glass, porcelain, metal and leather wares. Stylish vases and lamps, nice paintings and statuettes, classic writing-materials and decorative knick-knack can beautify any interior. Elegant souvenirs made from leather can be recommended as a nice present to business people. Their classical timeless design guarantees that any present you may choose will be always an appropriate one. The collection of traditional souvenirs also features several original presents like the pile of old books that is in fact a mini-safe or a container for CDs. The glass is a unique material, simple and expressive. The extensive collection of modern candlesticks, ash-trays, photo frames, clocks and many other things made according to the patented technology of floating crystal allows you to show your sense of taste and style. Metal as a material is so multifarious that the things made of it can look super modern and classic as well. For example, the Interior offers Retro coffeemakers that make a wonderful gift or sign of appreciation. The collection of hand-made metal family of funny creatures will surely amuse you and your friends.
Porcelain statuettes made from the first-rat kaolin, covered with special glaze, adorned with gilt and special component called Swarovski, make a great present for a close friend and a colleague alike. Amusing clocks shaped as a heart with wings, ceramic statuettes representing "respectable" employees of the X-company and jazz band are only for people with a good sense of humor. The Interio offers all the necessary accessories for Christmas and New Year parties - Christmas-tree decorations, candles, candlesticks, Father Frost and Snowmaiden will create the atmosphere of a holiday.

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