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Address: 13 Reytarska St.
Phone: 380-44-2296552

One of the best, if not the best art gallery in Ukraine, the ARTEast has been promoting and selling exclusive artworks of leading Ukrainian artists since 1992. Art interests of the ARTEast stretch from classical, contemporary, socialist realism to folk art. All the artists, whose works you can see in the gallery, are quite well known and are members of the Ukrainian Union of Artists. Many of them have been awarded with prestigious national and international prizes. Mainly, the ARTEast specializes in selling paintings of modern Ukrainian artists and soviet artists of the second part of the 20th century, but there is also a good selection of sculpture and giftware as well. The collection of original ceramic, glass and pottery ware of various kinds and styles gives you a great opportunity to choose something really special for your friends or relatives. Bright imaginary creatures made from ceramics will surely attract your attention. Excellent Tiffany lamps, each of which is hand-made and boasts hand-blown glass and bronze bases, will be highly appreciated by connoisseurs and those who would like to add such an expressive stroke to their interior. Exclusive Ukrainian folk-style, beautifully and dynamically designed pottery will give you an unforgettable scent of Ukraine. All works exhibited in the gallery are authentic and master signed, that means that the present or the souvenir you'll buy will be really unique, nobody else in the world will boast the same one.
The poster, reminding of the soviet immediate past of the country, can be also a great present. The small piece of the stormy 20th history, the expressive poster with slogans sticking to one's memory is a good value for money. The ARTEast gallery is conveniently located close to the famous Kreschatik in the historical building, which in the late 19th-early 20th century was the center of Kiev's cultural life. Then the building hosted two studios, the first for ballet and the second for opera. The ballerinas graduated from the studio danced in leading ballet troupes all around the world - in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Warsaw, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, London and New York. Today 13 Reytarska Street, where the talented artists of the present gather, stays the significant cultural center of the Ukrainian capital.

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