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Address: 50 Gorkogo St., 6 Krasnykh Kazakov St., 3 Surikova St.

If you are not happy with the idea of walking around Kiev visiting different shops, if you don't want to make the food shopping the stressful trip around local stores or if you are too busy to waste plenty of time on shopping, then try out shopping with a difference at the MegaMarket supermarkets. Any of the MegaMarket supermarkets has a full range of grocery and household wares under one roof and offers attentive service that meets European standards.
Many departments of the MegaMarket supermarket cover groceries, bread, cakes, milk, household goods, fruits and vegetables, canned goods, baby foods, meat and fish, delicatessen items, laundry and cleaning supplies, paper products, personal needs and nonprescription drugs. The MegaMarket also offers a wide range of frozen foods. It is also licensed to sell beers, wines and spirits. The store sells wares from around the world, but you can also find products of local producers. All wares are nicely packed and arranged, some original decorative elements and devices can even make you stop. At the MegaMarket you would never see empty counters.
The supermarket accepts major credit and debit cards for the purchase of goods.
Nowadays the MegaMarket is also an on-line supermarket. Make an order online and soon the wares you choose will be delivered to your door. If you can't use Internet at the moment, call 2487387 or 2061318 and make a phone order. Phone orders are taken daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The MegaMarket offers good quality products, packaging and unmatched service. Taking into account a great assortment of the wares offered, it is just difficult to imagine that one could leave the MegaMarket not having found something.

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