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The Austrian supermarket concern Billa started its expansion into Eastern Europe in the late 1990s, opening outlets in Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania. In the Ukrainian capital the first store appeared in the year 2000. The Billa supermarket was one of the earliest in Kiev that at that time had been slowly recovering from the totalitarian Soviet system. One of the first truly European stores in the states of the former USSR, it became a point of a great interest, many citizens of Kiev and even other Ukrainian towns were eager to visit. By date there are eight Billa supermarkets in Ukraine and three of them are in Kiev.
The Billa represents a classical European style supermarket. On the shopping space of over 2000 sq. meters about 10,000 items of goods are on display. There anyone is sure to be pleasantly surprised by a wide range of products. Stock up with family favorites, enjoy browsing the beautifully arranged aisles and look for unusual tastes and flavors, if you feel like trying something new. It is worth mentioning that the biggest part of the wares offered is of local producers.
The company, offering each customer to indulge himself with the comfort and convenience of the supermarket meeting European standard, has the corresponding marketing motto "Billa - Cel mai bun pentru mine", which means: "Billa - the best for me". The extensive choice of goods offered allows anyone to satisfy any gastronomical whim he may have.
The Billa's convenient free parking is a pleasant advantage, common for a European supermarket but unfortunately not so self-evident in Ukraine yet.
In the near future a few more supermarkets of Billa are to appear in densely populated districts of Kiev, and according to the bold plans of the company in soon each district of Kiev will boast at least one Billa supermarket.

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