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Many citizens of Kiev have already highly appreciated the convenience of the Furshet supermarkets, which under one roof have gathered many departments. Today the Furshet supermarkets are well-known all over the country and even abroad. But just recently, in the 1990s, La Furshet stores were just small groceries scattered around Kiev. At the beginning of the new millennium it became obvious that the time of small stores was slipping away and the time of supermarkets, which then were totally new for Ukraine, had come. When the first supermarket Furshet was open in 1998 in Podol, it featured a shopping area of only 850 sq. meters and had just two shopping halls. But a rush of customers constantly increased and the supermarket was winged. Today it features 2,500 square meters of shopping space.
The Furshet supermarkets range in size from 1,200 to 5,000 square meters. The fabulously rich assortment of the Furshet supermarkets features over 25,000 items of foodstuff and products. They offer an enormous selection of all types of groceries including fruits, vegetables, breads, meat, frozen foods, spices and condiments. There is also a fair selection of household supplies and pet food.
Today the Furshet Empire has exceeded the limits of selling goods; the company is engaged in producing goods as well. Citizens of Kiev and other Ukrainian towns can buy tinned fruit and vegetables, ravioli, vareniki and confectionery under the private label of Furshet. The Furshet also owns a bakery, so daily it is happy to offer its customers hot buns and breads.
All the Furshet supermarkets are well-stocked and conveniently located in the city center and main districts of Kiev. Originally these supermarkets had been planned as cozy home-like shopping centers and that's why there was not great necessity in the large parking space. But the great popularity and ever-growing number of customers leaded to the construction of new spacious parking lots for about 100 cars.
The Furshet pays great attention to the staff recruitment. The employment is given on a competitive basis. As among the customers of the Furshet supermarkets there are a lot of foreigners, the new politics of the company is to employ people who speak foreign languages so in the near future all sale assistants and cashiers of the Furshet supermarkets will at last speak English.
Today the Furshet supermarkets also work on-line and deliver goods all around the town. That is very convenient, if you don't feel like leaving your cozy house and prefer others to bring all the necessary products to your doorstep. Besides, the prices of the virtual supermarket coincide with the common prices. If you cannot use Internet, phone 2683286 or 4514561 (from 9 am to 18 pm daily) and make a phone order.
The latest hit of the Furshet is the Furshet (Gourmet-Furshet), a supermarket and a restaurant, unmatched not only in Kiev, but also in Ukraine. The supermarket specializes in selling exclusive delicacies, produced in Ukraine and abroad. The customers can choose any piece of fish or meat on the counter and ask the chef of the restaurant to cook it.

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