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  Victoria Gym
Address: 2 Georgievsky St
Phone: 380-44-2287144

This gym is conveniently located in the historical center of Kiev, near the Zoloty Vorota, or Golden Gate, metro station.
The Victoria offers individual training programs for people of different ages. This clean and accurate place with cozy interiors will be good for everyone interested in becoming a healthier person. The gym is outfitted with the most up-to-date training and diagnostic equipment. One can find there everything needed for making a good state of health and well-developed figure.
Experienced and high-skilled instructors working in the gym will help to achieve one's goals in an easy and effective way. They are always willing to provide clients with consultation and to work out the most optimal training course depending on one's training level, physical condition, and body and health peculiarities.
Personal training that is considered to be the most effective is also provided in the Victoria Gym. Working with an instructor individually may help one to consume energy more correctly and to develop more precisely the requisite muscular groups.
After a good and active training the visitors are offered an opportunity to finalize active rest program in sauna. A good relaxation is also an essential part of the training program. The modern and cozy sauna is always at guest's service. It's a perfect place for body relaxation and nervous system stabilization.

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