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  Kiev Sport Club
Address: 5 Druzhby Narodov Blvrd.
Phones: 380-44-2528866, 380-44-2528867,

Kiev Sport Club, situated close to the Druzhby Hotel, offers the most up-to-date equipment and classes, great atmosphere and real opportunity for you to make new friends, relax and, of course, achieve your fitness or weight loss goals. Feel free to ask highly trained and enthusiastic personal trainers for help and useful piece of advice. Facilities are excellent and include a gym, a cardio-training, aerobics, yoga, box, squash, classes in the modern swimming pool and many more.
The gym's extensive collection boasts more than 200 up-to-date gym machines, provided by world-known Icarian and Filte. Excellent staff, friendly and amiable, offers encouragement, challenging and fun exercise programs suitable for different people. The cardio-hall, outfitted with StarTrack treadmills, steppers and StairMaster bikes, meets the highest international standards. Not only women but also men are welcome to various aerobics classes. If you have a look at the schedule of the Kiev Sport Club you'll find there Step class, Step on two, Interval Attack, Step&Sculpt, Dance class (disco), A Hi-Lo, Danca Kriola, Flamenko, Oriental Dance, Feeling dance, Hip Hop, Super Sculpt, Upper and Lower body, Press routine, Pilates and Stretching. All ages and fitness levels are catered for.
As well as the gym and aerobics, the Kiev Sport Club offers the squash courts, Boxaerobics and Kickboxing classes. For those who want to achieve harmony of body and mind there are yoga classes as well. The Kiev Sport Club boasts a splendid swimming pool. It is rather small but at the same time it reminds of an oasis in the big city. Surely, Kiev is not Miami, but green grass, pure blue water, snow-white chaise longue and multicolored cocktails make you forget about it. The classes available are Aqua Mix, Aqua Box and Swim and Fit.
While Kiev Sport Club positions itself as a prestigious first-rate sport club, it surely offers such amenities as massage room and solarium. The full array of massages available encompasses Classic Massage, Sport Massage, Vacuum Massage, Massage with Aromatherapy, Reflex Massage, Shiatsu, Anticellulite, Thai massage, etc. The modern solarium features the state-of-the-art equipment of Ergoline.
The club is proud of its Children Club. There are development games, classes in the swimming pool, classes with the basic elements of aerobics and weight-lifting exercises, choreography, theatrical studio and fencing. To keep children entertained whilst exercising, different contests and competitions are held regularly. There are four age groups - kids (3-5 years old), first-formers (6-8 years old), juniors (9-11 years old) and teenagers (12-15 years old).

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