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Zhazhda Skorosti Center
Address: 9 Glyshkova Ave.
Phone: 380-44-2660631
Working hours:
Monday 18:00-22:00,
Tuesday-Friday 12:00-22:00,
Weekends and holidays 10:00-22:00

In Russia and Ukraine, such an exciting kind of leisure as carting has appeared recently, but each year it is getting more and more popular. Everyone, regardless of his or her age, gender and driver's experience, can try his or her strengths in carting. It is a unique opportunity to feel the emotions close to those that feel the pilots of the Formula-1 races. The only difference is that carting is totally safe. A carting car contains two pedals and a wheel. The rules of carting are also relatively simple and easy to learn. To drive a little carting car, one should wear special ammunition, such as helmet, overalls and gloves. The speed of the carting cars is low enough for the race to be safe, and high enough for the drivers to feel pleasant emotions.
Carting gives a driver a feeling of excitement and fervor, allows getting a powerful adrenalin charge and tons of positive emotions, helps to reduce stress and improve physical shape during a relatively short period of time. Some people go to the carting stadium to have a good rest, others seek for exotic feelings, the sportsmen sharpen their skills, and everyone finds in carting exactly what he or she needs.
Kiev carting club Zhazhda Skorosti (it can be translated as "the thirst for speed" or "the passion for speed") is a very nice place for the lovers of the dynamic and interesting kind of active rest. It offers everyone, including women and children, to try themselves in carting and feel the spirit of joy and freedom. The center provides the customers with fast carts (6,5 and 9 horse-powers), full racing equipment and ammunition, and detailed instruction for the beginners.
The carting stadium occupies the territory of 5,000 square meters in the Podol district in the center of Kiev. It contains both straight and curved routes intended for professionals and beginners. There is a stand for the viewers, a cafe offering cold beer, beverages, snacks and candies, a checkroom and shower cabins, so in the club Zhazhda Skorosti the guests will find everything they need for pleasant and memorable rest.

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