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  Mountain Biking
Ukraine Bike Federation
Address: 42 Esplanadnaya St.
Phone: 380-44-2209690

Mountain bike is a great free time occupation for those who enjoy speed, follow a healthy way of life and prefer working out in the fresh air, not in the gym, where they are limited by four walls. In Kiev bikes are not as popular as they are in Amsterdam, but still in Ukrainian capital there are many those who like bike hikes. In Kiev, there are several bike clubs, but the Ukraine Bike Federation is the largest one. It organizes bike tours and tournaments, some of which turns into real shows, provides bike rental services and allows those who like biking meeting each other and find new friends and associates.
If you rent a bike, you can ride along Kiev streets and lines, enjoy your time and your movements. It is a very pleasant way to explore the city on the ecologically clean transport: it is faster than to go by foot, and better than traveling with a group of tourists, when you always have to depend on your guide.
There are extreme bike tournaments, in which you probably would not want to participate, but they are interesting to watch, and you might even wish to take a couple of lessons of mountain bike. You can do this in the Ukraine Bike Federation. Some directions of mountain bike include crossing complicated zones containing various obstacles - steep slopes and hills, giant swings and other constructions.

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