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  Horse Riding
Ukrainian Cossacks' Center
Kiev Horse Race Track

Address: 10 Akademika Glushkova Ave.
Phone: 380-44-2662223

The traditions of horse breeding were started approximately 6 thousands years ago. Since those times horses have been ranged among the best friends and helpers of people. They were used for plowing, and for several centuries the enduring horses served as the only long distance transportation. The horses along with people participated in wars and battles, died for their masters and did their best to make human life more pleasant and easy. The horses are very honorable animals in the world culture, and today the equestrian sport is one of the most popular and enthralling. In Kiev, there are a number of several sport centers where one can take lessons on horse riding, rent a horse or enjoy the races on Kiev horse race track.
Ukrainian Cossacks' Center was created as a place for the old Cossacks' culture preserving and development. Once you are in the Center, you will have a number of great opportunities of free time spending. First of all, you can rent a horse if you are sure in your horse rider's skills and enjoy the walk and communication with this wonderful animal. If you have never tried horse riding, it is not a problem, as the experienced instructors will be glad to assist and teach you the basic principles of a horse controlling. During your first lessons you will realize that the horses are like people: they have their own characters, habits and behavior style. Don't worry: if you are a beginner, you will be given a very nice, kind, patient and gentle horse, so you will have a chance to calm down and enjoy your first lesson of horse riding. The advanced levels of training include obstacles' overcoming, galloping, and other tasks.
Any Kiev horse riding school could provide the same services as the Ukrainian Cossacks' Center. The distinguishing feature of the community is that the Center is the place where real Cossacks sharpen their skills, so you can be a viewer of an unforgettable show, during which the brave horsemen will demonstrate their fantastic mastery and the art of horse comprehension. The Cossacks perform in national costumes, which attach to the whole event a special color.
The Ukrainian Cossacks' Center is located on the territory of Kiev horse race track, so you can become a viewer of excitable races, and even win some money, if you guesses the winner right. You can dedicate your whole day to the horses: you are free to try horse riding, enjoy the marvelous Cossacks' show and become a horse races supporter, which is much fun and joy.

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