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 Kiev Rus Theater
Address: 93 Artema St.
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In the year of 1982 the new movie theater called Kiev Rus was constructed on the place of the former small and equipped with outmoded facilities movie theater Kommunar, which had was built in 1961. The opening of this theatre was dedicated to the celebration of 1,500 anniversary of Kiev foundation. The movie theater at one stroke gained the sympathy of Kiev citizens and the attention of the guests of Kiev.
Kiev Rus is a place where one can not only watch new movies but also take part in the work of film festivals, creative meetings, meetings with famous actors and cinematographers and so on. In 1990, during the festival of English Cinema in Ukraine, such stars of world cinematograph as director Lindsey Andersen and actor Malcolm McDowell visited the Kiev Rus Theater. The Princess of Great Britain Anna and famous Margaret Thatcher also attended the festival.
In 1997 the equipment of the small Blue Hall of the theatre was renewed. The sound complex "Dolby Surround", a new big screen and new comfortable watch seats were installed. In a brief space of time this small hall became one of the leading in Ukraine.
On the 7th of June 2002 the solemn opening ceremony of the theater's big hall took place. This hall can seat up to 1,192 people and is the largest in Ukraine. The new perforated screen (which is also the biggest in Ukraine) made by Italian company "Cinemechanica" was installed in this hall. The hall is also equipped with new comfortable seats and the most up-to-date Dolby Dłgłtal Surround EX sound system. All these things combined together help the viewers to get unforgettable impressions from watching the movies.
Even in conditions of hard competition with other modern cinemas of the Ukrainian capital the Kiev Rus Theatre keeps the competitive indices in comparison to any other movie theaters of the country. The price policy of this cinema is also a cause of its constant popularity among viewers and especially among youths.
The premiers of the best new movies in two comfortable halls, modern sound and impressive screen - all these things make the Kiev Rus Theater one of the favorite rest and entertainment places among citizens of Kiev as well as among the guests of the city.

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